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Welcome to my home page!  I am currently teaching in Lukenda School of Business at Lake Superior State University, one of 15 public universities in the State of Michigan. This website provides information on my teaching & research.  If you need further information, feel free to contact me. 
C. Christopher Lee    

Ph.D. in Business Administration, Saint Louis University (1996)

Associate Professor of Management

- Major in Decision Science; Minor in Finance

LSSU E-mail: clee4@lssu.edu  

- Dissertation: "Financial Impacts of Bad Debt in the Healthcare Industry: A Multivariate Statistical Analysis" | PDF |

Personal E-mail: cchristopherlee@gmail.com

MBA, Saint Louis University (1987)

Office: (906) 635-6682  

Bachelor of Political Science, Korea University (1984)

Fax: (906) 635-2821  


Lukenda School of Business: (906) 635-2426  

Vita | PDF | MS-Word |

LSSU, Lukenda School of Business, 650 W. Easterday Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783, USA / (906) 632-6841


List of Publications on Academic Journals in compliance with AACSB - Intellectual Contributions for Academic Qualifications (AQ)
Last Modified
    • Nehal Mhatre, S. J. Joo, & C. Christopher Lee (2014). “Benchmarking the Performance of Department Stores within an Income Elasticity of Demand Perspective,” Benchmarking: An International Journal, 21(2), pp. 205-217. | PDF |
    • J. Hur, K. Kim, D. C. Lee, & C. Christopher Lee (2014). “A Comparative Study of Data Mining Models in Marketing: Decision Tree Model vs. Discriminant Model,” accepted for publication in The Academy of Information and Management Science Journal. (forthcoming)
    • Ashley Carlson, C. Christopher Lee (2013). "Followship and Sales in Social Media Marketing," The Academy of Marketing Studies Journal. (accepted for publication, 12/2013) | PDF | (forthcoming)
    • C. Christopher Lee, Kayla Strohl & Miranda Fotenberry (2013). "Impacts of Human Resources Management Innovations on Productivity and Effectiveness," The Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications, Conflict. (accepted for publication, 9/2013) | PowerPoint | (forthcoming)
    • Joseph Bradley & C. Christopher Lee (2009). “Training and User Acceptance in a University ERP Implementation: Applying the Technology Acceptance Model,” Global Implications of Modern Enterprise Information Systems: Technologies and Applications (Vol. III Advances in Enterprise Information Systems series), A. Gunasekaran (ed.), Information Science Reference, Hershey, PA. [ISBN: 978-1-60566-14], 242-260.
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Papers Under Revision for Publication in the Academic Journal:
  • Ethan Porter, C. Christopher Lee & Kyu D. Kim (2013). "The Acceptance of Mobile Applications in Small Business" (under the first revision for the Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal).
  • B. Bae & C. Christopher Lee (2013). “Using an ERP Systems to Teach Business Courses,” The Journal of the Academy of Business Education. (under review for publication)